To establish a comprehensive plan for the homeless of Marion County

that includes transitional housing for homeless families

with programs that encourage a re-entering of society

as well as a shelter with support services.

On any given day, agencies in Marion County

see an average of close to 100 people

who are homeless or threatened

with homelessness.

•  For every homeless person you see, there are dozens more that you don't see!

•  Almost 15% of the people in shelters are families with children.

•  Every night in Marion County there is an average of 40 homeless

people who cannot find overnight shelter.

•  Forty percent of the homeless are families with children.

•  Children account for more than one-third of the homeless

people in Marion County.

•  Marion County Public Schools has identified over 1,000

homeless school-aged children in our community.

...but there is HOPE